I've seen this error a few times in the last week. It sounds like a kernel problem to me.

Googling it gives a few hits, but nothing specific for a fix, other than possible new kernel fixes. AU has some hits, but also no specific fixes that I've seen.

It locks up the machine. I only have 4 or so apps running... Firefox, Thunderbird, Liferea, and KeePass. It just happened when I tried to restart the computer.

Anybody have any idea what this is about?

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    Do you use safely remove of USB 3.0 storage. Does this look as your issue?
    – N0rbert
    Feb 4 '19 at 20:10
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    @N0rbert thanks for the link. Funny enough, I remove USB 3.0 drives same as you... safely remove, then power off. But... that's not my problem in this case. The kernel paging error seems to occur randomly. I just updated to the 4.18.0-14-generic kernel, and removed r8168-dkms which was throwing a PKCS#7 error at boot time. We'll see how it goes. Cheers!
    – heynnema
    Feb 4 '19 at 21:04
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    So far, no errors with kernel 4.18.0-15
    – heynnema
    Feb 13 '19 at 15:02

The problem seemed to improve with kernels 4.18.0-15/16/17. However, since upgrading to Ubuntu 19.04 with kernel 5.0.0.-13, I haven't seen this problem again so far.

  • I'm seeing a similar thing with 4.15.0-151-generic. Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.. Makes me wonder if it is my hardware because it has never occurred before and started occurring randomly (once a day) just recently.
    – Valentas
    Aug 3 at 15:27
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    @Valentas Please start a new question, and include ls -al /boot and free -h and sysctl vm.swappiness and swapon -s and sudo dmidecode -s bios-version and tell me the EXACT make/model of your computer or motherboard. I'm hearing some things about -151. Boot to the prior kernel and see if that helps. Thanks!
    – heynnema
    Aug 3 at 15:29

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