I have a Logitech Wireless Keyboard K400 with Built-In Multi-Touch Touchpad. I am using that with my Intel NUC which has Ubuntu 18.04LTS installed.

The keyboard works fine, but the trackpad behaves inconsistently.

  1. When I try to scroll (only option is two finger scroll), most of the times that will activate pinch to zoom.
  2. Double click is really slow. So, tapping twice quickly only registers single click, whereas if you keep clicking 3-4 times, it will suddenly register a double click followed by another single click.
  3. Simply dragging one finger across touchpad (just to move the cursor) registers clicks.

Is there any driver/anything that I can use to fix it? Even being able to completely disable pinch to zoom (just for chrome is fine as well) should be fine. I tried gnome tweak tool, but did not find any option to enable/disable pinch gesture or change click/tap speed.

This is really annoying since it's connected to my TV now. When I was using it as a desktop computer with a dedicated mouse and a different keyboard, these problems didn't surface. But now it has become really unusable. Every time I try to scroll, the page zooms out to 25% or random things are clicked etc.

The functionality works as expected in other OS, fyi. And it used to work fine in Ubuntu 14.04 as well.

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