Seems like there's a few of these questions, but none of the solutions in the previous questions have helped me.

I have 2 monitors. Both plugged into my GPU (GTX750ti); one via HDMI and one via VGA. I moved the VGA one to the Motherboard as part of setting up GPU passthrough to a VM. I have now moved it back to my GPU, however the monitor no longer sees any input from the card, and is not detected by xrandr at all.

The monitor still functions perfectly. It works fine during splash and showing the BIOS, it just stops receiving input once the display manager loads.

I am at a complete loss how to resolve this. I've heard of clearing monitor settings through rm ~/.config/monitors.xml but as far as I can tell I have no such file. How do I either reset things so that Kubuntu auto-detects it again, or else manually tell it the monitor is there?



Well, still no idea why it wasn't working in the VGA port of the graphics card but I did the following, and it now works in the motherboard VGA port which is what I wanted anyway:

  1. Added intel_agp and i915 to /etc/initramfs-tools/modules
  2. Added i915.modeset=1 to the grub options
  3. Ran sudo update-grub && sudo update-initramfs -u

and that seems to have done the trick

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