I have an issue with 7z on Ubuntu when trying to extract zips from Windows. The problem is that when I extract a zip with backslashes I get a directory in which every sub-directory is

'\Subdir\file.xml'(yes, with quotes because that's how it's saved and that's the main problem) instead of proper Linux sub-directories. It can be accessed for example via

vim '\Subdir\file.xml'

When I tried using unzip it worked properly, but I need to use 7z, and I need to provide correct path in a python script. Did anyone have such issue? Thanks.

  • This sounds like a bug in 7z, and you should probably contact the 7z developers and/or file a bug in 7z in Ubuntu. If you're able to provide an example file with this behaviour it's also worth adding. – vidarlo Jan 31 at 19:51

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