BACKSTORY: I am running a Lubuntu 16.04 and tried to make python3 my default, so I PURGED the entire python libraries- both 2.7 and 3.5.2. The immediate effect was my Preferences and System Tools were reduced to half the ones available earlier. I only cared about the Lubuntu Software Center, it required some Python scripts, so I gave up and reinstalled both the Python scripts. But the System Tools and Preferences didn't change, I re-installed LSC and it worked fine.

PROBLEM: Now, I can't connect my Android phone to my laptop- the phone recognizes the laptop but the laptop doesn't. Also, my power supply keeps getting interrupted (it did while writing this).

EXTRA INFO: I AUTOREMOVED some python scripts, so I think that could be a cause. I don't know much about the internal system so it would help if the answers can be executed through the Terminal. Thanks.

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