I have (maybe 6 months old) Lenovo Think Pad E580 with Xubuntu 17 with two discs, SSD 250GB, and SATA 1TB. Xubuntu is installed on SSD. From the beginning, when I started the notebook, it started fast. Now, after the start, the black screen is displayed and after a few minutes the Xubuntu logo appears and the system starts.

  • In a terminal, type systemd-analyze blame. Paste the first ten lines of output or so into your question. – Jos Jan 31 at 15:12
  • 6.763s docker.service 6.283s NetworkManager-wait-online.service 3.611s virtualbox.service 2.862s dev-mapper-xubuntu\x2d\x2dvg\x2droot.device 1.864s postfix@-.service 1.809s dev-loop18.device 1.670s dev-loop17.device 1.664s dev-loop16.device 1.620s dev-loop22.device 1.586s dev-loop20.device – Roman Kružík Jan 31 at 15:16
  • Please edit your question and paste the output into it. In any case, this is not an indication of a long boot time. – Jos Jan 31 at 15:19
  • My guess is the SSD is getting full, and it's showing up as sluggish running and slow boot times. – RobotHumans Jan 31 at 19:47
  • Can you also paste the content of /var/log/syslog in a code snippet? Usually when the system slows down at boot is because some daemons fail to start and the boot hangs until they timeout. – Cristian Vrinceanu Feb 1 at 13:47

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