I'd like my text editor (sublime text 3) to be easier to launch. The favorites thing (dash?) seems like a good place [1]. Googling tells me I can drag the icon there. That doesn't work. Googling some more tells me I have to gather some information on the locations of the icon and the executable, then edit a file in /usr/share/applications. Fine. But that does nothing but put a second copy of the icon in the sparsely populated list of apps that is hard to get to [2], whatever that's called. Still not on the hide-and-seek thingy that sometimes pops up on the left [1].

[1] Is there a way to get the dash/favorites thing (what is it called?) to reliably pop up on the left? It's a crapshoot whether the thing will pop up when I push the mouse cursor to the left of the screen. Sometimes I have to click on the desktop and then push the mouse to the left, which means I need to keep the left side of the screen free of windows and apps. And sometimes when I get it to pop up, as soon as I move the mouse it disappears.

[2] Then there's that grid of dots thing that brings up the sparsely populated grid of icons for the apps. Is there a reason it can't fit more on the screen? I get 24 on a 24" monitor. My 4" phone fits more. And to get the app list to activate, what is the proper number and timing of clicks? 9 out of 10 times if I single-click the grid of dots, nothing happens. Having to click a second time has taught me that maybe I should double click it, but that makes the icons appear and then disappear. So I have to click...wait...click. Is that right?

Most importantly, though, how do I get sublime text on the favorites thing, or on the desktop?

  • what is your Ubuntu Version? – PRATAP Jan 29 at 1:36

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