In Windows Explore I have option to toggle menubar by using ALT key. Can I do it in PCmanFM? I'm willing to try coding stuff (for a bit).

Update information ::
I'm using Lubuntu 18.04 LTS at the moment.

As for now, I would like to feature @guiverc answer because:

  1. It seems like there isn't toggle feature for PCmanFM in 18.04
  2. @guiverc answer provide quite lot information that could be useful for other questioner and future reference.
  • Sorry I don't know what you mean by toggle-menubar, but if I hit ALT+E I get the Edit menu opened so I can use the keyboard to pick an item. Likewise I can hit ALT+F for File, Alt+V for View etc... I'm running 19.04 so i tested this using pcmanfm-qt but I'd expect it to be the same – guiverc Jan 28 at 12:08
  • thanks @DKBose (didn't know that). A quick look shows ^M (ctrl+M) on my pcmanfm-qt will toggle the menu bar being visible/invisible (but when invisible the alt+F/E I described before isn't working for me). It's possibly not an ideal solution, but it may be a little way there. – guiverc Jan 28 at 12:49
  • I think that Ctrl+M on pcmanfm-qt, checked in Lubuntu 18.10, is exactly what the poster wants! – DK Bose Jan 28 at 13:00
  • Thanks @DKBose, you got me right. Unfortunately, I'm using Lubuntu 18.04 LTS. Sorry for being lack of information. – Star Light Jan 29 at 4:25

Sorry I wasn't sure what you (original poster) was meant by toggle-menubar, so firstly though using Alt+E I get the Edit menu opened so you can use the keyboard to pick an item. Likewise using Alt+F for File, Alt+V for View etc... I tested this on 19.04's pcmanfm-qt as it was what I'm running at the time

@DKBose however felt you were after the means to toggle the menu being visible (using Firefox as an example. A quick look in the shows View->Toolbar->MenuVar shows the 'menu' can be enabled/disabled (or visible/invisible) using a checkbox or ^M (Ctrl+M) on my pcmanfm-qt (DKBase confirmed it was the same in 18.10; I can check 18.04 later today using pcmanfm but I'd expect it to be).

A quick play whilst invisible showed that Alt+E didn't pull up the Edit menu as I expected (likewise other Alt+menu-entries) until the toolbar was turned back on (or enabled) which may not be an ideal solution, but it's mostly there. (my testing was limited; it was right before I went to bed...) It was not difficult though to just ^M first then use ^V to use the view menu option.

  • Yeah sorry. It doesn't work as I describe in pcmanfm under 18.04 LTS (no toggle feature as you discovered). I'll return when/if I discover something else helpful. – guiverc Jan 29 at 5:14

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