(I am running Xubuntu 18.10.)

I want clipboard support in my Vim, which isn't present in the vim package in apt, so I compiled Vim myself with +clipboard. I then proceeded to install it using checkinstall. This works fine.

However, after some time, I will notice my Vim no longer supports the clipboard. vim --version shows -clipboard; it's clear that it has reverted to the system version.

What could be causing this? Where can I look to figure out what is making my installed version disappear? checkinstall produces a .deb file which I can install using the Software GUI app; but when it reverts, (my build of) Vim is no longer listed as installed in that app.

I am experiencing another issue with something happening periodically, which I include here only because it might be relevant. I have set proxy variables in various places including /etc/environment and /etc/profile.d/office_proxy.sh, because I need these for the office. When at home, I will typically manually go and comment all of these out & relog to disable the proxy. However, some time after logging in, the proxy variables will reinstate themselves. I'm 99% certain it's not a script of mine that is setting the proxy; I suspect Xubuntu is doing this somehow. Again, I only mention this here because this is another seemingly time-based behaviour.

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    It looks like it might just be apt "upgrading" my Vim to the apt version. I have applied apt-mark hold vim; let's see if that fixes the problem. – henrebotha Jan 28 at 8:16
  • If you know the solution, then you should add it as answer and accept it. – Ralf Jan 29 at 21:13

This was caused by apt overriding my own version of Vim whenever I ran it. The solution was to use apt-mark hold vim to tell apt not to try to upgrade Vim.

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