After a period of inactivity, either because I'm away from the computer or after hibernation, the internet won't connect. The same issue happens to both wired connection and wifi. I can't restart or shut down my laptop when this happens. It's not frozen but takes forever. I can't use any browser also. Already opened browsers (chrome/firefox) are unresponsive.

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    In a terminal window, journalctl /usr/sbin/NetworkManager will sow you logs that may help. – waltinator Jan 28 at 3:05
  • @waltinator Thank you for the comment. I couldn't find anything unusual from the history. Even if I locked the screen and left my laptop inactive for a while, it still ran into the same problem. I ran my system from an external hard drive, and it never happened to me when I was using Ubuntu 16.04 though. – radar Feb 2 at 0:31

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