just installed Lubuntu on old pentium 4 that is connceted to the living room tv, to be used as a media center.

No chance to hear any sound. When I go to sound settings in the output section i find:

Built in audio analog stereo:

Port: 2 options: Line out (unplugged) headphones

When I play a video the bar moves so I suppose the soud is transmitted from the pc. When I stop the video it stops moving.

The pc is an old fujistu siemens Scaleo E mediacenter. It has 7.1 audio. Not sure what I shoud connect. It used to work with windows.I have connected the red and white audio cable to the hdmi audio in of the tv. PC and tv are conneced by an hdmi cable. Also tried to connect the red and white cable to each of the read and white hdmi connectors of the 7.1 channel of the pc. Am I doing something wrong? Sorry, I'm very new to linunx, pls be very basic in the explanations. Thxs


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