I thought this would be trivial, but after two hours of googling and experimenting still nothing works.

I want to use the ROS+Kinetic-lxde o/s sd image for the Raspberry Pi. As far as I can tell this is Lubuntu. Unfortunately the keyboard layout in the image does not match my keyboard, so I need to change it.

So far I have tried localectl from the command line. That does not do anything. I tried localectl list-keymaps and that says it can't find any console keymaps.

I added the 'Keyboard Layout Handler' applet to the task bar and set the keyboard through that. My changes were lost when I rebooted.

I tried sudo dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration. That let me set up the keyboard, but again the changes were lost after a reboot.

I tried editing the file /etc/default/keyboard, but that already had the correct settings and they are doing no good.

So, how can I permanently set the keyboard type ? It seems crazy that it can't be done easily.


Here details from the Lubuntu/Keyboard article section Keyboard Mapping:

The simple way to do this is to launch Lxkeymap (under Preferences.)

It's likely that /etc/defaults/keyboard defines the default keyboard layout used by the system and X server, but it's possible that Lubuntu's desktop environment (LXDE) has it's own configuration files that override that.

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