I'm relatively new to Ubuntu and was just trying to install CMake. I'm running Ubuntu 18.04.
I followed this tutorial:
and the system immediately began acting strangely. Using cmake --version declared that cmake was installed incorrectly. The Left panel disappeared and many icons went missing. Basic functionality in any window currently open was then malfunctioning. I logged out with Ctrl+Alt+Del and the screen froze causing me to force shutdown the system by holding the power button.

The system is now stuck on boot. Image of boot screen failing

I booted into recovery mode and tried to repair broken packages as well as the other options. However, they all resulted in an output of "Directory not found" Selecting any option in recovery results in something similar to this

When going into root shell from recovery mode. Attempting to use any command involving apt results in an error "E: Error reading the CPU Table" trying to do something with apt

Using this shell, I also navigated to where the files from the cmake install tutorial should have been moved to. However, they don't seem to exist.
I would really appreciate if somebody can help me reverse what I have done and also give me insight into why the actions I took in this tutorial broke the system. Possibly the directories are different between 16 and 18?
I have a lot of files on this system and want to avoid a reinstall at all costs.

Thank you

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