Is there any possibility to configure an auto-hiding panel in a way it does only show when you touch the screen edge with a certain amount of force, so that you don't accidentally show it when touching the edge (when closing tabs in Chrome, for instance)

Thank you very much in advance!

  • I see no such setting for the Plasma panel. You could put the hiding panel to the bottom for example, an area that you normally do not touch very often. I find a hiding panel in the upper area very impractical, as it covers the windows border (which I need always visible for its buttons and for the 'close on middle-click' setting). You could take a look at the Latte Dock (latte-dock) which is meant as an alternative to the default panels, but even there I see only a delay setting. – user47206 Jan 25 at 18:38
  • I'm using Latte Dock at the bottom edge of my screen and a default panel with handy widgets (wi-fi, bluetooth, calculator, dictionary, time) at top - do you know any possibility how I could migrate those widgets to the Latte Dock? – manuel-hoelzl Jan 25 at 18:45
  • Plasma widgets are supported by the Late dock. Right click it and add widgets. I think if you right-click and change layouts you could find layouts that already have some widgets like the systray. More layouts here – user47206 Jan 25 at 18:47
  • I see no need for the latte dock, it is buggy and the panel can do the same things. What I use is a non-hiding upper panel for global menus (like in ubuntu proper) and the task manager and a hiding bottom panel for launchers, systray etc. But I found some tips on Latte here – user47206 Jan 25 at 19:00

There currently is no such setting in KDE Plasma, it only supports checking if the mouse has touched the panel that has auto-hide, and if so, shows it:

else if (m_containsMouse) {
    autoHide = false;

Via source mirror on GitHub for plasma-workspace in file panelview.cpp

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