I recently re-ïnstalled Ubuntu after having problems with the former Ubuntu-installation. To my surprise Mozilla Thunderbird was now installed as email program, instead of my former Evolution email program.

All my former contactdata has disappeared.

So I decided to install Evolution again. But my contactdata is still not found yet.
Is there a chance that the data files from the former Evolution installation still exist on the disk?

If so, where do I find them to import?
Or with which program can I recover them?

  • How did you reinstall ubuntu? – j-money Jan 25 at 13:45
  • I downloaded Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS on usb-memory, and reḯnstalled it from there. – Aad Jan 25 at 13:51
  • Well if you erased the disk so unless you had backups somewhere all your data is gone – j-money Jan 25 at 13:56
  • I did not expect that the installation would destroy all files, just the systemfiles. I still have an old bu-file from Evolution. And then I have to rebuild the missing data again. Thanks for your quick response – Aad Jan 25 at 14:09
  • Why would you expect that blasting away the contents of a drive by installing an os would preserve everything but system files? There is even a warning in the installer that says something along the lines "This will erase the contents of the disk. Are you sure?" – j-money Jan 25 at 14:12

There is no way to import former contact list from the operating system: the disk was formatted when installing new version of Ubuntu.

You can recover files in the whole disk at before the new ubuntu installation if you think it worths, by using this software: EaseUS Data Recovery www.easeus.com (for windows). Just install EaseUS Data Recovery on a windows machine, extract the hard disk with ubuntu, then plug the hard disk with ubuntu to the windows machine as external drive (or secondary hard disk).

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