I am a Ubuntu user and I have installed Windows7 in my Virtualbox as guest OS. I also have a shared folder b/w guest amd main OS. I started editing a MS-Word file (in shared folder) through my Virtualbox guest (Windows7). For some unknown reason Virtualbox showed some error and became unresponsive. I was able to access the file from my OS (Ubuntu 18.10). After my work was completed, I restarted Ubuntu and later I found that my word file was showing some symbolic matter and reduced to 1.5 kb size.

Now, how to recover my text in the file?


Your best bet is probably to use the included recovery options in Microsoft Word as it should be saving a backup copy often.

  • I tried and got no success.... MS Word is in guest OS which was accessible after uploading a .vdi file.... it showed that a file needs to be recovered but it could not read it. – Wings Jan 25 at 10:05

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