I think* there is a recent zdnet article about a potential mitm threat-- but I'm not quite sure whether to take the advice or not. Specifically, is there a hive mind that already knows the/some of the proxies that might be affected by not allowing redirects on update & upgrade commands?


Also, I think what's being suggested is to turn off redirects, run a patch, and then update again. Never having run a patch like this before, I'm cautious. Don't see a lot of discussion of this here already. Did I miss it?

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No such acrobatics are necessary. YOU do not need to patch apt. The Ubuntu Security Team has already patched apt for you.

If you are using Unattended Upgrades, then you already have the patched version of apt.

If you are paranoid about security (not a bad thing!), then download the patched apt package yourself from https://packages.ubuntu.com. Be sure to pick the correct version for your release of Ubuntu.


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