I installed Ruby on Synaptic Package Manager but when I double click a .rb file it just opens using Leafpad instead of running. I can't find Ruby in the start menu and when I type Ruby in LXTerminal nothing happens.

I'm basically trying to figure out how to run https://dev.wikia.com/wiki/RubyWikiDownloader to make a copy of images in a folder as backup and transferring.

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    Did you install the ruby package? Doesn’t ruby -- /path/to/script work? What is its output? Please add new information directly to your question (edit), do not use comments. – dessert Jan 24 at 9:34

If you have ruby installed you can try to open terminal in path you have script.rb and type:

   ruby your_program.rb

If you don't have ruby installed, you have to install it and retry.

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