I have a problem with getting MaaS to work. At first I installed through snap, and met some errors, but figured it was due to being an experimental build. So now I have installed through packages (https://docs.maas.io/2.4/en/installconfig-package-install)

It seemed to go well, but now when I try to connect to my web interface, I get connection refused. I am new to linux, so ELI5 type explanations for stuff would be appreciated :)

  • hello, could you provide output of "sudo netstat -ntlp" and "iptables -L"? – AtomiX84 Jan 23 at 9:34
  • What AtomiX84 said is spot on - these commands help see what ports are open (what's listening) and that it's not being blocked by firewall – pacifist Jan 23 at 10:06
  • i.imgur.com/9fBbgNp.png Does this help? – Yuven Jan 23 at 11:12

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