I have a variable in which stores the DateTime in awk

print "Printing Test variable:",test 


 Printing Test variable:,"2018-12-18 18:36:55"

I want to convert the value in test to seconds

Could anybody tell me how to do that in awk

Using mktime() is giving -1 as output

    print mktime(gensub(/[ :-]/," ","g",test))

My Input data (CSV File)is like below

DateTime,Dealer,Some Value,State,CallEndTime,Some Value,TotalDuration,,..

 "2019-01-07 11:35:42","Car","fab","foo",,"bar","100","boo",..

I got the DateTime value from this,


If you have GNU awk (gawk) you can use its mktime function - however the input must be a space-separated datespec of the form "YYYY MM DD HH MM SS [DST]". The date fields in your variable are in the right order, but you will need to replace the delimiters with spaces:

$ gawk -v test="2018-12-18 18:36:55" 'BEGIN{print mktime(gensub(/[ :-]/," ","g",test))}'

See for example Time Functions in the GNU Awk User's Guide

If your string is enclosed in double quotes, you will need to remove those as well:

$ gawk -v test='"2018-12-18 18:36:55"' 'BEGIN{print mktime(gensub(/[ ":-]/," ","g",test))}'
  • I tried this,but its giving me -1 as O/P, Please check the edited question – mittu Jan 23 '19 at 4:05
  • @mittu please see update – steeldriver Jan 23 '19 at 4:09

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