I am using an ubuntu machine. I created a CentOS 7 VM. Now I want to get the GUI using virt-viewer command and it flags me the following error:

(/usr/bin/virt-viewer:25156): Spice-Warning **: channel-main.c:1136:audio_playback_volume_info_cb: Failed to get playback async volume info: Stream not found by pulse (/usr/bin/virt-viewer:25156): Spice-Warning **: channel-main.c:1193:audio_record_volume_info_cb: Failed to get record async volume info: Stream not found by pulse

Could you please tell me a workaround?

  • Are you using VirtualBox? What version? What is your host OS? What kind of audio hardware do you have? – Aaron Franke Jan 23 at 2:51

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