I couldn't understand the difference between command grouping and pipelining


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The differences between these are:

( foo; bar; )

It will execute the commands in a subshell, so if you made any changes in the subshell they will not appear outside the subshell. Like

i=2; ( ((i++)); echo $i ); echo $i

You will get output:


If you do the same thing in { } then it will be executed in the same environment, so the changes will matter. Like

i=2; { ((i++)); echo $i; }; echo $i

will give:


Now let's come to pipelining, pipelining is used to take input and give output to some commands.So the command:

a | b

the output of command a will be given as an input to command b.

echo "hi" | cat

will give you output hi. So output of echo "hi" i.e. hi will be input of cat command.

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