Bugzilla Installation is complete, but when i execute ./testserver.pl http://localhost/bugzilla command i am getting following Error :

TEST-WARNING Webserver is running under group id not matching $webservergroup.
This if the tests below fail, this is probably the problem.
Please refer to the web server configuration section of the Bugzilla guide. 
If you are using virtual hosts or suexec, this warning may not apply.
TEST-FAILED Fetch of images/padlock.png failed
Your web server could not fetch http://localhost/bugzilla/images/padlock.png.
Check your web server configuration and try again.

How would I resolve this problem?


  • Solve the problem by reading the error message. You probably need to check the definition of webservergroup in Bugzilla's configuration, and check the ownership/permissions of padlock.png – waltinator Jan 21 at 16:26

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