I was trying to find online source code repository for BleachBit package for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.

So I started by visiting search on https://packages.ubuntu.com and found the source package.

Clicking on both Debian Source Repository (Subversion) on the right part of page →

right side

or on the links in the bottom ↓

bottom part of the page

went me to non-existent (404) pages as anonscm.debian.org is down.

Then I tried to visit Bleachbit page on the Launchpad to get its source code. And what is interesting I can get only the code for the not-so-new Ubuntu 14.04 (trusty) branch.

How can I view the source code of the actual package version online?

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If you see links with anonscm.debian.org or git.debian.org then visit Debian Salsa GitLab repositories and the search for the package here.


Three bugs related to this problem exist:

  1. Bug of the https://packages.ubuntu.com , it should not show dead links with anonscm.debian.org and git.debian.org - I reported it to launchpad as bug 1812562;
  2. Bug of apt-get - it should not show broken links with anonscm.debian.org - I reported it to launchpad as bug 1812564;
  3. Bug of apt-get - it should not show broken links with * http://git.debian.org* - I reported it to launchpad as bug 1812577.


The svn://anonscm.debian.org is down after Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (and 14.04 LTS) release, so one should use its successor - Debian Salsa GitLab repositories then search for needed package here (or visit source package page for newer bionic release on packages.ubuntu.com).

As the result one can get the correct URLs for the source package:

Debian Package Source Repository (VCS: Git)
* https://salsa.debian.org/python-team/applications/bleachbit.git
Debian Package Source Repository (Browsable)
* https://salsa.debian.org/python-team/applications/bleachbit

Here one can switch to the needed version branch (1.10-1 in this case):


and view any needed source code file.

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