When I list directory components of /run/user/1000/gvfs/google-drive:host=gmail.com,user=address using ls, it shows

1BzrSykm6X7BBm09yZ7Qcsj_5lL1dMtrN  1p55c8zr6M617qoFU8BopppxaLh0qJTd8
1eEWOjFJYcZNHj2elzQE7XoYnafUsUyGp  1pMlTX2iBAq7iYLN-zhhDtN32CyG4YlRB
1EklWWeRiyZdiWdIWtD6KZAtULZVSTa7C  1puzTh0qsXrSo0GagieSF2iME9drmBtki
1fbbsvQn4Wj_6tN2euKnOUK7IAu1hEJ3x  1RLdd0sHYWJUFEua1M2XuOw2O2GBEyw47

The file names are unintelligible, but I can copy these files.

Sorry for bad English!


Try Open Drive client snap package (odrive-unofficial) on Ubuntu Software. It makes this easy because it's a GUI app. To install it from the terminal in all currently supported versions of Ubuntu type:

sudo snap install odrive-unofficial
  • Exactly the opposite. I want to be command line. It's easy to copy the file to the inside drive and download file . – TiTAN Jan 20 at 13:39

Ok, you can download gdrive from https://github.com/prasmussen/gdrive

Make sure you click gdrive-linux-x64 if you have 64 bit system, or otherwise gdrive-linux-386 With gdrive you can do query to your google drive and download/upload files from terminal.

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