I'm running Xubuntu (Ubuntu Studio which is based on Xubuntu), and I somehow messed up my applications menu. I had the original menu, with the favorites on the left side and the applications grouped by theme (accessories, education, games, internet, etc) on the right hand side. In installed pitivi from flatpak (I know, I should have installed it using the synaptic package manager). Now, I still have my favorites on the left side, but the right side shows only "All". How can I restore the default xfce menu? (Before and after attached. Before is from a virtual machine, with no personal favorites added.)enter image description here

  • DK Bose - thanks for the suggestion. I thought that I was clarifying my request. Based on your comment, I actually made my question less clear. – Nicled Jan 21 at 12:00

I received an answer here. Though the whiskermenu-1.rc was part of the issue, it was a little more complicated than that. Here is the solution:

XFCE Forum - Restore XFCE menu

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