I installed Lubuntu 18.04 alternative command-line-system with xorg and xfce4 in a VirtualBox VM and on a USB drive with gtk3 themes. The installed packages are the same and both systems are updated and upgraded. On my virtual machine everything looks like expected:
Nordic theme with mouse hovering over panel icon in VM
Nordic theme settings window in VM
while on my USB drive it's not applied correctly. Buttons, tick-boxes, scroll-bars, etc. look old and ugly and there is no mouse-hovering feedback:
Nordic theme with mouse hovering over panel icon on USB drive
Nordic theme settings window on USB drive
In dialog boxes and Thunar it's also looking weird but on the application finder and Firefox for example everything looks fine. I also tried other themes like sweet-dark and flat-remix and I reinstalled xfce4 but that didn't work either.

Is there any way to solve this problem and apply the theme to the panel and the settings buttons?

Solution: Installing the arc-theme package solved it

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