I have a bunch of configuration in ufw that I want to avoid porting to iptables (unless there is a easy way to export from ufw and import in iptables). Simplicity of ufw etc. being the reason.

Now I want to block outgoing network for a user on the system using - How to disable internet for a user on a system

But the problem is that if I have ufw enabled, it ignores iptable rules.

How do I ask ufw to follow iptable rules as well or maybe implement that user block in ufw?


Following @aplaice's comment, I added the following line in /etc/ufw/after.rules

-A ufw-after-output -m owner --uid-owner idea -j REJECT
# don't delete the 'COMMIT' line or these rules won't be processed

You have to add it for the chain ufw-after-output and before COMMIT.

Restart ufw service after that.

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