Is there a way to have any system load monitor program (say for example, htop or top) as a permanent view after a server boots up automatically. I am talking about console Ctrl + Alt + F2 mode.

Of course I could login and type htop or top but anyone could later q and get a login shell.

Therefore, I need it to autologin and display it. Any suggestions gratefully received.

  • You could add a special user, say observer, and set /usr/bin/htop as that user's login "shell". When that user logs in, htop is executed. If he quits it, he is logged off. – PerlDuck Jan 18 at 12:25
  • Related (over on U&L) Start a process on a different tty, especially this answer. Basically: openvt /usr/bin/top. This will run top on the first free tty. – PerlDuck Jan 18 at 12:39

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