I recently got a few RPi 3B+ devices and I'm trying to install Ubuntu 18.04 on them. I followed the instructions below and got the device booting into the installer without any issues:


Those instructions did refer to the Raspberry Pi 3B DTB, so I downloaded the one below instead:


My problem is that the ethernet driver doesn't seem to be provided with the kernel in the mini.iso image. Having looked into it, it seems like the driver required is included in the kernel by the config CONFIG_USB_LAN78XX=y and the kernel module that provides it is called lan78xx.

I downloaded the Ubuntu Server 18.04 ARM64 iso instead and tried looking for the kernel module in the initrd file and squashfs filesystem on it. However, I couldn't find it.

Does anyone know where I could get that kernel module for a 64-bit ARM kernel, so I could inject it into the SD card. Alternatively, has anyone tried to cross compile a kernel module? This is my first 64-bit ARM board, so I don't have access to an already working one.

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