When read /etc/resolv.conf:

me@alpha:~$ cat /etc/resolv.conf | tail -3                                                                                
# operation for /etc/resolv.conf.


I got the idea of DNS from The Internet: IP Addresses & DNS - YouTube and aware that DNS is Google Public DNS - Wikipedia

How could the default namesever is a localhost address? I guess it impossible accessing to external services.

  • Name resolution is not based on /etc/resolv.conf only. That file is part of a dynamic system, the details of which depend on the exact version of Ubuntu that you use. See for example What is the proper way to change the DNS IP?. Other questions on AU also refer to the same theme. – Marc Vanhoomissen Jan 18 at 9:02

In recent Ubuntu releases, domain name resolution is handled by systemd-resolvd, and is only a stub listener created by systemd-resolvd. You can find out the actual DNS server that handles DNS queries by the command

$ systemd-resolve --status

Looks for the line that starts with DNS Servers.

You can learn more about systemd-resolvd from its manpage.

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