In this version the highlight for matching brackets is dark blue which against a black foreground font is not a significant highlight. Ubuntu 18.10 MATE.

How can I set this to a brighter color?

Web query results haven't much for geany on this topic. The solution given here https://lists.geany.org/pipermail/users/2015-December/009843.html does not work for me. The filetypes-common file does not have a [named-styles] section so I added one.

This has no effect. Is there an updated solution, or is there something else amiss?


Visit geany-themes. The README describes how to download and install color schemes for Geany 1.22 upwards.

Once that's done, in Geany, View > Change Color Schemes … will allow you to scroll through available color schemes such that you can see the effect of each theme on how matching occurs.

In the image below, I've opened /etc/skel/bashrc and placed the insertion cursor immediately to the right of one }. With the Slush and Poppies theme, both } and the matching { are highlighted. The same applies to {} and () pairs.

Geany color schemes

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