I have Dell Precision with windows 10 64bit installed on it. freeing some space and moving from RAID to AHCI I was able to install Ubuntu 18.04.

sometimes on startup or restart the dual boot screen GNU grub 2.02 goes black for a fraction of a second and returns and after that everything freezes. the arrow key does not work and countdown stops.

the only solution is ctrl + alt + del to restart and most of the times after this restart the problem does not occur.

the only accessories is a wireless Logitech mouse-keyboard connected to USB. is it a common problem? searching the web saw many grub problems but mostly were receiving an error screen.

  • Have you disabled fast startup on Windows? – Arun Jan 17 at 17:30
  • @Arun yes it is disabled – Amir-Mousavi Jan 17 at 17:30

in this particular case, it seems that the problem was occurring because of the time system difference between windows and ubuntu.

I noticed whenever I shutdown or restart from windows the next start the problem was happening. the fast start on windows was off. also noticed whenever I use Ubuntu the next booting to windows cause windows to have not a correct time.

therefore I made Ubuntu to use local time

timedatectl set-local-rtc 1 --adjust-system-clock (which was an easier solution than making windows use UTC) and since then I have not faced the issue

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