I like Kubuntu 18.04 a lot, it is very stable and maybe the best Linux I ever used. I am facing some minor problems (like here and here) that are possibly fixed in the newer versions of Plasma (5.13), but I have no intention of leaving the LTS version (I have already tested Kubuntu 18.10). I like the idea of using latest software, but from experience I can say that while it is a good idea for many applications, it is not the best as far as desktop environments are concerned.

Therefore I am curious if and when Kubuntu 18.04 LTS will pass to a Plasma version above 5.12.

As 18.10 uses Plasma 5.13, will the release of the 19.04 normally involve the passing of 18.04 LTS to (at least) 5.13?

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    Whatever I've read indicates that Kubuntu 18.04 will stay on 5.12 for its entire life. – DK Bose Jan 17 '19 at 17:09
  • @DKBose - that is not surprising, with non-LTS releases serving the purpose of testing newer desktop versions before their integration in the next LTS. – user47206 Jan 17 '19 at 17:18

plasma-workspace appears to be updating in 18.04 only in the 5.12 version series. plasma-workspace version is either 5.12.4 in the 18.04 bionic/universe repository or 5.12.7 in the 18.04 bionic-updates/universe repository. plasma-workspace version is 5.13.5 in the default Ubuntu 18.10 repositories, 5.14.5 in the default Ubuntu 19.04 repositories and 5.16.5 in the default Ubuntu 19.10 repositories.

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