I'm new to working with the terminal so i have been having a hard time with getting things working. However I know currently on my Dell mini 1010 the wireless card is missing is driver. I have found the drivers or at least i believe i have the b43 driver however I'm not sure how to install the drivers through terminal. Could somebody give me a step by step for this problem. Thank you

  • I will be marking your question as duplicate of another in a few moments. A couple of notes about working in the terminal--- Ubuntu (and linux in general) is case-sensitive, so "File" is different than "file". Also it's very very picky about spelling. But there are some handy items that cna be easily done in terminal vs GUI applications. – Charles Green Jan 17 at 16:49
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    Possible duplicate of Wireless Card on dell mini 1010 doesn't work – Charles Green Jan 17 at 16:50
  • I think your card is supported by Ubuntu. Type on terminal lspci -vnn -d 14e4: and paste the output.Also see. – VeeJay Jan 17 at 17:13

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