Operating System: Ubuntu Budgie 18.10

Screen rotation works perfectly, including touch. However, the integrated digitizer does not rotate along, meaning that the axes and/or their orientation are mixed up. This happens on an Acer Spin 111 with a pen recognized by xinput as 04F3224A:00 04F3:255A Pen that presumably is manufactured by Elan. Unfortunately I have not found ways to determine any more information; neither lsusb nor lshw make it show up.

There seem to be some remedies available in form of scripts like the one given by https://wiki.debian.org/InstallingDebianOn/Acer/Spin1 However, that seems to risk doubling the action and thereby creating confusion. I think this should be taken care of the desktop environment directly.

As said, the rotation of screen and touch works just fine, so I would like to somehow add the necessary operations for the pen digitizer to that routine. I simply do not know where to start searching. Can anyone tell me what service reads the values of iio-sensor-proxy and launches the screen rotation? And maybe even how to influence the actions taken?

PS: tagging this question with "wacom" as it is not about touch although the ditigizer is of Elan brand.

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