Using Gparted on a live Ubuntu flash drive, I shrank the SSD partition on which my Ubuntu 18.10 installation sits. I did not move it to the right, just shrank it, leaving unused space to the right. It still had plenty of empty space even after the shrink.

Grub worked, I booted up, logged on to my user account, and had trouble launching programs.

I rebooted, and after grub, Ubuntu did not come up. I was staring at a purple screen with no text.

I rebooted into safe mode, and got a message like /dev/sda?: UNEXPECTED INCONSISTENCY; RUN fsck MANUALLY

This issue is repeatable. Every time I shrank the disk, I had the same issue.

Eventually I ran fsck manually on the specified sda (don't remember which), and clicked "yes" every time, and that fixed it. No issues since then.

So my question is: why does this happen, and how can it be avoided?

  • No answers... am I just unlucky, and other people don't ever get errors like this after shrinking a Linux partition? If it would be boot error, I wouldn't be so surprised. But it was an error at a later stage, it prevented the OS from loading. For someone coming from Windows, that's weird. – shmu Jan 18 at 6:01

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