I'm installing Dolphin emu and I'm not going to have space on my SDD where my Ubuntu install is, so I want to install it on my HDD that way there's more than enough space to download game isos. How do I do this?

  • The ISOs don't have to be on the same partition as dolphin. You can specify the folders that contain the ISOs, no matter where they are located. – danzel Jan 16 at 19:57

You CANNOT change the locations that apt installs to. Those locations are specified when the deb or snap package is created, and are not user-editable.

You CAN change which directories are housed on which drives (or partitions). Your Ubuntu filesystem can be split across multiple partitions by editing /etc/fstab/ and doing a bit of clever copying. Before experimenting with /etc/fstab, be sure to backup your data -- folks make mistakes, and fstab can be unforgiving of mistakes.

For example, using /etc/fstab you can move your ~/Downloads directory to a separate empty partition.

  • +1, I'd personally suggest to try it in a virtual machine first, though. Additionally, you don't have to manipulate the fstab if you do this at installation time. But I guess the OP's question was an xy problem anyway. – danzel Jan 16 at 20:47

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