I am using Ubuntu 18.04 as a guest system, virtualized by the latest version of VirtualBox.

My host OS is Windows 10, which is up to date.

The Ubuntu guest is a fresh install, and it is also up to date. I installed the VirtualBox guest additions tools because the UI was sluggish and unresponsive.

Now, even though the responsiveness has improved, there is some serious bug / glitch in the UI, which constantly appears and disappears.

Here are some screenshots:

Login Screen Glitched

Image of Glitched Startup Menu

The menu bar of every program is also glitched, but i was not able to capture a screenshot because when doing so, the menu bar loses the focus and the glitch dissapears.

It appears to be somehow related to focus or highlighting features of GNOME, since it also happens in the startup menu when hovering over the different options.

Any idea on how to fix this? I've searched multiple threads but could not quite find this problem elsewhere.

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    Try enabling 2D and 3D acceleration in the Display section of the VB settings. If that doesn't help, I'll give you another patch to try. Report back to @heynnema – heynnema Jan 16 at 20:03
  • @heynnema 3D acceleration is already enabled because of the slow UI. 3D Accel is supposed to improve the UI responsiveness. 2D Accel cannot be enabled while 3D accel is also enabled. – Gonzalo Arcos Jan 16 at 20:06
  • Then try flipping them. 2D on, 3D off. – heynnema Jan 16 at 20:10
  • @heynnema 2D does not work, turning off 3D (this means no accel is selected) fixes the problem but at the cost of sluggish and slow UI (videos in youtube are unwatchable for example). Still looking forward to a solution that will let me use 3D accel. Thanks – Gonzalo Arcos Jan 16 at 20:25
  • Enable 2 CPU's and 2048 RAM. You can also try changing your display RAM. Report back. – heynnema Jan 16 at 20:27

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