So, I am setting up an ssh server. I have installed the ssh-server program on my server. However, I didn't want to connect to it through port 22, because reasons, so I set the server to listen through another port (2584). How do i set up my client to also connect through port 2584 rather than port 22?


Assuming you are using normal ssh command it is the additional parameter -p (see the man page of man ssh). E.g:

$ ssh -p 2584 user@host
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    Thanks so much! This worked! Now I dont have to use teamviewer... – Saker Alabas Jan 16 '19 at 16:31
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Note that ssh accepts commands in the URI form, such as ssh://user@host.com:<port>. It is perfectly valid to do the following:

ssh  ssh://myuser@domain_name.com:2222

Alternatively, to avoid specifying port each time, you can declare it within ~/.ssh/config. See steeldriver's answer for details.

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