I have had ubuntu(currently 18.04) installed alongside windows(8.1) for over a year. I was logged into Windows when I closed the lid and after sometime when I came back, "No bootable device found, press any key to reboot" was written on the screen. After reboot, windows opened up and the grub menu didn't appear. So I tried again and it didn't show yet again.

I do not know what is causing the problem or how to deal with it? What should I do? Is my data on Ubuntu partition lost?

EDIT: Opening boot manager by pressing F12 during boot shows these 4 options under " UEFI Boot" panel:

  • UEFI OnBoard LAN IPv4

  • UEFI OnBoard LAN IPv6

  • Windows Boot Manager

  • Ubuntu

Selecting Ubuntu option invokes the normal boot sequence and the grub menu appears. But this doesn't persists after reboot and boot directly advances to Windows. How do I make this permanent?

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  • @karel i have had ubuntu installed alongside windows for over a year now. I never accounted this problem. I have read the question whose link you gave. For that person the problem appeared right after ubuntu installation(possibly first boot by the sound of it). I have a lot of data on my ubuntu drive and i do not wish to lose it. And, also, sorry if i have not done something according to protocol as this is my first question here. Happy to be guided. – Divyansh Verma Jan 16 at 15:41

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