I'm using ubuntu 18.10. In the past I probably made a change for my bluetooth to not start on startup but I do not remember the change. Now, I want to restore it back to normal but I couldn't find a way. Every time I start-up my system the bluetooth icon is not even appearing. When I start it from the applications it says daemon not running etc. I checked "blueetoth/main.conf" but "AutoEnable=true" exists. If I do

 sudo service bluetooth start

it works but when I restart my computer, the problem is back again.


sudo rfkill unblock bluetooth

This didn't solve the problem, too.

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    I might not be able to fix your problem but i can offer you an workaround: ( crontab -l ; echo "@reboot sudo service bluetooth start") | crontab - Run this in your terminal to set a cronjob that restarts your bluetooth service on reboot. – Patient32Bit Jan 15 '19 at 8:46

You just need to use the following command in order to enable bluetooth service from systemd boot system.

sudo systemctl enable bluetooth
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I am on Ubuntu 20.04. the problem was that I could not turn on bluetooth

it was solved by the command:

sudo /etc/init.d/bluetooth start

I had to do this every time I booted into ubuntu. to make it permanent when booting into ubuntu I used the command mentioned above:

sudo systemctl enable bluetooth
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