I've created an Xubuntu 18.04 persistent live USB stick and installed several softwares for web development, such as XAMPP, Sublime Text 3, Google Chrome, etc.. I did some configurations as well in the ~/.bashrc file.

I am wondering if these installation and configuration in my persistent live USB stick be carried over in a full installation in to a new machine using it.

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An Ubuntu persistent live USB is the same as a non-persistent live USB as far as using it as live media to install Ubuntu is concerned. The persistent storage space will not be carried over to the full installation, and any additional software installed by the user in the persistent live USB will not be installed on the newly installed operating system.

Additional software that is installed on the Ubuntu live USB can be either reinstalled on the new operating system the same way as it usually done (the easy way) or a customized Ubuntu .iso image containing the additional software can be made by following the instructions in How to customize the Ubuntu live CD? (the hard way, not worth it unless you are going to install Ubuntu from the same customized live CD multiple times).

  • +1. I can add that it might work to copy the home partition from the persistent live drive, but you will probably have a different user name (not xubuntu), so you must do some tweaking, not only of the name but also concerning ownership of files and directories. – sudodus Jan 20 at 16:01

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