I've spent about 16 hours researching and attempting to fix this, and i just had to rebuild the server because i mangled it so bad...so I'm finally searching for some assistance.

I have a Deluge server with webui configured on it. The machine is set to always use a vpn (Private Internet Access). Without the VPN on, everything works perfectly. With the VPN on, i cannot access the webui externally.

I followed this guide: http://www.ryanhallman.com/remotely-accessing-deluge-or-utorrents-webui-behind-a-vpn/ and now, i get a 403 forbidden when i access the domain (before the virtualhost i just got the standard apache page).

I did a lot of research and found i need to add a directory with "Require all granted" and i've tried many directories but idk if this is a different situation, since i'm forwarding to another server or if i have the wrong directory. Nothing i do seems to fix it.

Hoping someone can offer some assistance!


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