This question is similar to some previously asked questions (here, here and here) but none of the previously asked questions or answers provide exactly what I am looking for.

I want conditional window resize functionality, like in Windows, such that pressing, for example, "Super+Left" when focused on an unaligned window aligns it to the left half of the screen, and then subsequently pressing "Super+Up" aligns it to the upper left quarter of the screen. Similarly, pressing "Super+Right" would first align the window to the right half (assuming it wasn't already aligned to any half or quarter) and then subsequently pressing "Super+Down" aligns it to the lower right quarter of the screen.

The previously provided solutions such as compizconfig-settings-manager doesn't provide this functionality (as far as I can see). It allows alignment to quarters through direct bindings, but I don't have a keypad on my laptop and using other keybindings is just not very convenient for this functionality in my opinion.

Is it possible to replicate this functionality in Ubuntu (I'm using Ubuntu 18.10)?

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