I’ve been doing some research to accomplish my goal but I’m still not completely sure of the conclusion. I hope this forum is the right place to complete the quest 

The scenario is as follows: I want to improve the setup of a LAN with multiple clients that communicate with a shared server on the internet. The clients share a widespread branch of filetypes and filesizes. Some files maybe a few GBs in size. Instead of every client communication with the server on the internet My idea is to place a proxy-server where the LAN and the web is connected. Now, this is where my discoveries goes into several directions. I think it might be a swell thing if the proxy-server had some sort of backup of each file. Lets say each file would have a backup 2 or 3 versions prior to it’s present state. This would be achieved by using SubVersion (the clients are mainly Windows 10 but other OS’s would access it, too [like Mac and Ubuntu]. The proxy-server is Ubuntu, though). The proxy-server would host some shared files; this might be the files of GBs in size. Apart from this the server should host several files according to the demands of each client-requests, too. This would be individual docx-files, pdf-files and other types. In the process of finding a solution I found that either Apache (Traffic?), Nginx (Caching) or Squid would be possible solutions. But I’m not sure if SubVersion is the best solution. And if SubVersion is compatible along with each choice of server. On top of that I just discovered that not every server provides full features of caching (page 5 at http://static.usenix.org/events/lisa11/tech/slides/hedstrom.pdf). And it looks like I can’t setup a single server to provide all the desired features according to this picture: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:LAMP_software_bundle.svg (1 server can’t provide both caching/proxy and versioning). I found some guides online to setup parts of the desired solution but none of all the desires features in a complete setup. And I’m not even sure if it’s possible or if I’m on the right track in my investigation.

Any help would be deeply appreciated along with some step-by-step guides; preferably with images.

Thanks in advance.

Best regards.

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