I do not understand.

Ubuntu 18.4 installs easy.

Vivaldi 2.2xxxxx installs easy; bookmarks import easy.

However, when Vivaldi starts, a prompt appears to enter the keyring pw as it was not loaded at startup.

The prompt does not appear when starting Firefox which is preloaded with Ubuntu.

How can Vivaldi load like Firefox? How do you get in touch with the developer(s) of Ubuntu 18.4 to learn what was done to allow Firefox to load without entering the keyring manually?

Have installed Seahorse, libpam-gnome-keyring, and kwallet but issue remains.

No easy way to get to Passwords and Keys

No way to get to Password under Accessories as it does not exist.

On one laptop with Ubuntu, have tried making the keyring blank but then Vivaldi will not connect to the net although Firefox will connect. Do not like the idea of making the pw blank as that defeats the purpose of the keyring.

Would certainly be nice if under Settings, there was simply a entry for keyring that would list all the installed applications (or non-preloaded applications) with the option to load the keyring upon startup; similar to what is displayed for notifications, or an app that could be installed that would provide the similar function.

Regardless, any ideas? From reviewing boards and searching the net, I am not the only one experiencing the annoyance as there are many many others experiencing the same issue and possible solutions are a crapshoot at best. Having keyrings load automatically for selected applications appears to be a common weak point of Ubuntu.

Thanks in advance.

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