Starting binary -> can't open shared library

I want to start a binary:

$ my@mypc:~/Machinarium$ ./Machinarium
./Machinarium: error while loading shared libraries: libXt.so.6: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

e here

(Same happens when I try to start it via linux32 ./Machinarium. It is a 32bit linux binary and I have a 64bit machine. Same with sudo.)

Locating the library (it exists)

I tried to locate it: (fourth line from the bottom is the important one)

me@mypc:~/Machinarium$ locate libXt

So what happened? It's clearly there. Why can't it be found?

Install i386 version explicitly

I thought since it's a folder labeled x86_64 this might not be compatible to that 32bit game. So I installed the 32bit version explicitly. (Following that stackoverflow answer.)

me@mypc:~/Machinarium$ sudo apt install libxtst6:i386
libxtst6:i386 already is the newest version (2:1.2.3-1).

(translation by me. This is one line of what the very shord answer by apt says.)

Requirements check -> not found

I checked the requirements for the binary: (I only give you the important line of the output and ignore any other line, if you really need the rest I wonder what for. Just tell me in the comments if needed!)

me@mypc:~/Machinarium$ ldd Machinarium
libXt.so.6 => not found


  • Why doesn't the binary find the shared library?
  • How to fix that?

According to the search on https://packages.ubuntu.com the libXt.so.6 is located in libxt6 package.

You can install it with

sudo apt install libxt6:i386

for 32-bit.

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    I never thought it could be that simple… Thank you! I'll accept your answer as soon as I can – Asqiir Jan 13 '19 at 15:21

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