This problem didn't appear immediately after installing VLC from repos in Kubuntu 18.04, but after a while.

  • Starting VLC and using its internal GUI actions (Open file etc) works.

  • Running vlc path/to/file works.

  • After setting VLC as default for a file type and executing it or using "Open with" from Dolphin's context menu, VLC starts but closes immediately.

  • If VLC is already running when executing a file or using "Open with" from Dolphin's context menu, the file is played as expected.

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    Did you tried to clear VLC's configuration by removing ~/.config/vlc ? And the same for cache - ~/.cache/vlc and ~/.local/share/vlc. – N0rbert Jan 12 at 20:48
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    @N0rbert - so simple. I simply forgot vlc is a program like any other. :) removing ~/.config/vlc was enough. Would you care posting as answer.? – user47206 Jan 12 at 20:51

I can recommend to clear VLC's folders, such as

  • ~/.config/vlc
  • ~/.cache/vlc
  • ~/.local/share/vlc
  • I can also add that after solving as indicated, another problem was also fixed: that of not being able to run a VLC AppImage file from a .desktop file. – user47206 Jan 12 at 21:16

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