I want to download from youtube-dl with this command:

youtube-dl -i -f --playlist-start 106 ("bestvideo[width>=1920]"/bestvideo)+bestaudio/best "url"

but show error.

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    I would recommend installing mps-youtube (from repos) which also integrates youtube-dl and use it for your purpose. unix.stackexchange.com/a/229791/32012 Start it with mpsyt, then h for help and help download for details on download of playlist (dapl <url or id>,dvpl <url or id>). To search for a playlist pls <search_term> or // <search_term>. – cipricus Jan 12 at 20:59
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  • On the other hand these days mps-youtube shows youtube-dl errors for many youtube videos which thus cannot be downloaded as expected. – cipricus Jan 12 at 21:11
  • Edit your question with all details on the errors or it will be closed as duplicate. – cipricus Jan 12 at 21:12

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